Obligatory First Post


This post will exist as a sticky at the top of the page for as long as I deem necessary. If you want to know just exactly what’s going on here, there’s a handy little ‘About’ page that you can access from the menu in the upper right. Contact details can also be found somewhere up there. Feedback is always appreciated and I do my best to respond to every comment.



They found his diary under the bed and immediately decided to burn it. Their father was a secretive man, and they were going to respect that even in death. At least one of them was. The youngest of the two siblings, Max, held the small … Continue reading Diary


The paper sign on the door read “Alcoholics Anonymous”. Theo stood in front of it, looking down at the court order in his hands. He half-considered leaving the community center and turning himself in in the morning. He wasn’t serious, of course. He had a … Continue reading Theo


Some folk might complain, but not me.

I live a pretty interesting life. I’m what you would call a pirate.

No, not a swashbuckling adventurer on the high seas seeking buried treasure.

No, not some piece of shit who goes around capturing people for ransom.

No, not someone who downloads music from file sharing sites.

Have you guessed it yet?


Alright I’ll tell you.

I’m a boat.

That’s right, I’m the SS Galloway, most respected dinghy in the one-ship fleet of feared IRS attorney Robert Galloway.

Yo ho, yo ho, the audit life for me!